Ascending Order 

 Ascending Order 

Ascending  means moving forward or  climbing.

For numbers – It is the arrangement of numbers from smallest to largest.

For letters or words – It is the arrangement of letters or words  alphabetically.

For dates and places –  It is the arrangement of dates and places as oldest dates should come first.

 Definition of Ascending Order

Ascending order is the  Arrangement of numbers(alphabets or others items) in a shorting order, that is from smallest to largest.

Examples of Ascending Order

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Arrange numbers in ascending order.

        Arrangement of numbers in ascending order

There are certain steps to follow for arrangement of numbers in ascending order.
  • Observe the number of digits and count it in each number. We know the smallest number is with the least number of digits . Place it first.  Continue this process till all the numbers left for comparison have the same number of digits.
  • If some numbers are of  same number of digits, then compare the numbers from the leftmost digit. Place the number with the smallest digit.
  • For numbers  having  leftmost digits are same, start the comparison from the right . Place the number with smaller digit.
  • Continue this process  till we arrange all the numbers.

Example1 : Arrange numbers in ascending order.


Follow the above steps to arrange in ascending order.

step 1 – count the number of digits. Least number of digit is 6.Write it first. 6,17,27,33,12,202.

step2 – For same number of digit start comparison from left most digit and write the smallest digit . 6,17,12,27,33,202.

step 3 – If the left most digits are same. start comparison from the right. write the smaller digit number. 6,12,17,27,33,202.

Example 2 – Arrange the numbers in ascending order.

Ans – 5,65,129,3244,28.

step1-least number of digit(single digit) come first. write 5 first.


Follow the above steps to arrange the numbers.

answer is – 5,28,65,129,3244.

Ascending Order in fractions

Fraction is telling about the ratio of numerator and denominator.

Example 1- Arrange the fractions in ascending order.


Ans- To solve this we have to take the LCM of the denominators.

Which is 30.

we can write these numbers as





Now ascending the fractions according to their numerators.

it is 1/2 < 3/5 < 2/3 < 5/6.

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