Lines and Angles:-Definition and properties

 Lines and Angles:-Definition and properties Lines and angles ,basic concepts of Geometry. Euclid (who is known as the father of geometry) described a line as “breathless length” which lies equally with respect to the points in itself. Euclid also explain plane angle as the inclination to each other in a plane of two lines which … Read more

Triangle -Types, properties ,similarity and congruency

Triangle -Types, properties ,similarity and congruency Triangle -Types, properties ,similarity and congruency What is Triangle?        A two- dimensional shape  closed polygon formed by the three sides and three vertices.    Tri-angel: – tri+angles. Also  we can say triangle is a 3 sided polygon, which has three sides, three vertices and three angles. … Read more

what is Geometry ?

what is Geometry ?   The part of mathematics deals with the shape of individual objects and the properties of encompassing space. Also we can say Geometry ,the branch of mathematics is primarily concerned with the characteristics of figures as well as shapes. practically, geometry plays a great role in determining the areas, volume, and … Read more

Mathematics and its classification

Mathematics and its classification  Mathematics Mathematics is all about to have fun. It does not have any specific definition. It may be defined as the science deals with the logic of shape ,quantity and structure.  Mathematics is all around us. It is building block of for everything in our daily lives including mobile device, architecture, … Read more